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(T)Rust Me, It’s Art

For years, I have been retrieving pieces of rusted metal from the street. For a long time, I carried one around in my car. One day my friend Faith picked it up and said, “Oh, that’s beautiful.” If I hadn’t already been sure she possessed an artist’s sensibility, that would have convinced me.

And, for me, a favorite exercise is to point my camera at something rusty and try to compose an abstract “painting.” It may not take a long time, but some of the resulting images please me just as much as any painting in a gallery. Here are a few recent efforts, all of them photographed within a few minutes from the surface of the same rusted piece of machinery.

Finally, here’s the machine. It’s on a mountainside just east of Elkins. I have no idea when it was left there or why it was abandoned.

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