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Without a doubt, the picture above has generated more interest than any other thing I ever posted. In fact, I have found this very photo on other people’s blogs, even on origami instruction pages, never attributed to me. I guess I am flattered. And I suppose this sort of cyber-migration is better than having some embarrassing Facebook photo show up in an employer’s personnel file. Actually, I don’t think there are any embarrassing photographs of me, unless one considers that I should be embarrassed by some of my haircuts.

But…on to the real point of this post: I will be teaching my first actual weeklong workshop on ORIGAMI CONTAINERS at Cedar Lakes Craft Center (in Ripley, West Virginia) from April 10-15, 2011. We’ll begin with simple envelopes and progress to the modular square boxes shown above. (I will not be teaching the hexagonal box. It still gives me fits to fold it sometimes, and I’m not quite ready to try to teach it.)

The class is sponsored by Road Scholars (formerly known as Elderhostel) and is open to adults (any age, not just over 50!). If you are interested and want to know more, please visit the Road Scholars website, where you can read about the class and Cedar Lakes Craft Center, find out prices, and register.

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In the Gloaming

The Sunrise Carriage Trail is officially closed at dusk, but, law-abiding citizen that I am in ordinary circumstances, there are times when civil disobedience is in order. I think the trail is at its best when night falls, especially when there’s a new snowfall to brighten the path or when a full moon lights the way. I have enjoyed both of these trail conditions within the past month and, I like to think, am a better person for the experience of walking along a woodland path in the dim light of almost-night or (the moonlit evening) full night.

So sue me.


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