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Random Patches

I have been negligent about this blog (wonder how many people have typed those words?) because of a big writing assignment, but I’m pulling into the home stretch on that, so it’s time for some play. Yesterday I spent an hour or two adding a row to this, my second Goodwill-skirt quilt. Like the first, it’s strictly a design-as-you-go project. I have set myself some basic limitations: a limited color palette and three stripes per square placed in a checkerboard-like pattern — but when I finish one patch, I don’t know what the next patch is going to look like until I choose the colors and sew it. I don’t think I have the sheer persistence it would require to make a quilt with a preconceived pattern and color scheme, but I rather enjoy this making it up as I go along.

The completed quilt, which I finished a couple of years ago, is the warmest blanket I have ever owned. I may make this one slightly thinner!

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