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Destin’s Best

Others may find more exotic places to dine in Destin, Florida, but the Donut Hole is my special treat. The coffee’s not bad and the donuts are fantastic. This one’s a Sour Cream, perhaps my favorite. I have this bargain with myself: If I walk the (approximately) two miles to the Donut Hole, I eat a donut without a single guilt pang. I savor it as slowly as possible and then dream about tomorrow morning!

Actually, I have been walking all over this funny little town on Florida’s western panhandle this week. I’m visiting with my parents for a few days, and the weather has been…well, better than last year, when it was actually below freezing for most of a miserable month. For the past few days it has been sunny and crisp, about 60 degrees: perfect walking weather.

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