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Homage to Brown

I took a long walk yesterday along some roads I don’t usually travel, and this lovely lamp caught my eye. It must originally have been another color, perhaps black, but I love its rusted color and texture. I guess that’s what got me started on looking at brown. One of my favorite colors: to contemplate and to wear. So here’s what I found while walking today:

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What’s wrong with this picture? I took it more than a week ago. Snowdrops, of course, are among the earliest of spring flowers—but I have never seen them before February. But here’s yet another quiet little reminder that climate change is here, and now: this little baby bloomed on January 8.

It wasn’t the only plant who got the get-up-and-grow signal: the blades of daffodils are also pushing up, well ahead of schedule, along the carriage trail. I don’t know if they’ll make it through the likely cold snaps we will experience between now and March, when they usually bloom.

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Couture Compost


One of this year’s New Year’s resolutions is to appreciate simple pleasures. Here’s the first: my brand-new compost container, made from two separate thrift store finds that just happened to fit together beautifully. It’s the perfect size for a few days’ worth of banana peels and eggshells, easy to clean, and so, so elegant. It pleases me every time I toss in my coffee grounds.

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