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Shadow Play


Today I was sitting on the couch, looking around the room and feeling discouraged and guilty about what a cluttered mess my whole house is. Then my gaze fell upon this empty drinking glass on the coffee table—one of a number of unwashed dishes resting there—with the morning sun pouring through, echoing the pattern of etching on the glass and even the Venetian blinds behind it. I thought, “That’s lovely.” And ran to find my camera. And forgot, at least temporarily, about the dust on the floor, the tangle of electrical cords in the corner, the piles of paper and magazines, and the complete chaos of the desktop.

It is probably not a good thing that I am so easily distracted from my clutter…but it  makes me happy. Below, what the same glass reflection looks like when the glass is filled with iced tea.



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One of the things I have always loved about Charleston, West Virginia is that it offers many beautiful places for taking a walk. Of all the walks I love, my favorite is the Sunrise Carriage Trail, a wooded path that leads from the base of the South Side Bridge up to the old Sunrise mansion (originally a former governor’s home, then an art museum, now a law firm).

A few months ago I contributed to a Kickstarter campaign that made so much sense to me: Walk Your City is a grass-roots group that uses technology to encourage more walking in cities. The reward for my donation was this dandy sign, along with instructions for putting it up. I’m so pleased that Charleston has joined the Walk Your City family.

And here’s what the Carriage Trail looks like this week:



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