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Stop the Hate

WV map

Some of our legislators are running amok in West Virginia. They are close to passing a so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the intent of which seems to be to allow discrimination against the LGBT community in particular. I’m offended by the legislation for several reasons, and I’m betting more people agree with me than don’t. So I have designed a simple sign for individuals and businesses to post in their windows if they agree with me.

A few misguided legislators can pass a law, but thousands of private citizens and businesses can show that they are open to all, regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, or gender identification. If enough of these open-for-business messages show up in storefronts, maybe the public servants will get the drift. I think discriminatory laws are bad for the economy. This is my personal economic development project.

You can download the artwork here: https://motherwit.smugmug.com/Stop-the-Hate/i-S2hCtNP/0/O/stop_hate.jpg

Print it out and put it in your window. Print out a few and ask local businesses to post it if they agree with it.

And, especially for mayors, city councils, large businesses, and anyone else with the means: get in touch if you want vector artwork to print large posters or billboards. I will gladly provide it.

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