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Origami Mania

This is a sampling (not all!) of the containers my six students made in four days. They have constructed envelopes, tato purses, star boxes, masu boxes, six-part modular boxes, eight-part modular boxes with lids, chopstick holders, and more. I’m very, very proud of them. And very, very tired. Off to bed.

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Boxes Galore

Above are boxes made today by several students in my Origami Containers class at Cedar Lakes. I’m awfully proud of their work! This box design is one of Tomoko Fuse’s, and is probably my favorite origami construction. It’s elegant, beautiful, and accessible. I like teaching it, and even beginners (as long as they are patient and persistent) can create a splendid work of art.

This is my first experience teaching origami for more than day, and I was slightly nervous when Gloria Gregorich, the director of the Cedar Lakes Craft Center, suggested that she would be willing to introduce a Road Scholar (aka Elderhostel) workshop in origami. But it has proved to be fun for me, and my six students have produced such wonderful work, and have been such an enjoyable group of people to spend time with, that I’m no longer worrying about anything except…how to keep up with them!

Below, another pile of containers from a couple of days ago.

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