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Jewels of Autumn


I got out my beads the other day to make a pair of earrings. Today, walking along the carriage trail and in South Hills, I couldn’t help but notice that some of nature’s fall colors and shapes are far superior to my jewelry-making efforts. I’m not sure what the flower above is, but it certainly is a great color combination!


This one is the fruit of the native plant Euonymous americanus or “Hearts A’Busting”—and another of my all-time favorite color duos.


A side view of the flower that hangs beneath the leaves of jewelweed. I always thought the plant got its name from the way water beads on top of the leaf…but maybe not.


A kind of milkweed plant, not native to West Virginia but pretty spectacular.


And I think this is on a tree I have heard called “Chinese dogwood.”

Shouldn’t they all be beads?


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Giving in to Temptation


It is the temptation to post pictures of cute cats online. These are two of a litter of four born a week ago on the farm of Vicki and Tom Zilke, who run a wonderful vegetable farm and farm stand in Milan, Michigan. (Take the Carpenter Road exit and go east about a quarter of a mile).

I promise I will not succumb to this temptation too often.


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